The Art Café - A home in the city

The Art Café is a modern style wireless café that serves Western-fusion food and coffee.
It is a great place that offers quick and friendly service. It is a place where you can stop in for your morning cup of coffee and chat with other enthusiastic morning clientele, or come hang out after work or school; or a place where you can spend your afternoon taking a break or reading books.
The Art Café is not just a place that serves coffee and food. It is both a café and an art gallery.
All the paintings that display in the café are painted by the owner of The Art Café - Christian Lai. The Art Café's menu is separated into two parts: the Standard Menu and Daily Menu. The Daily Menu is market-fresh and changes daily. We also serve some traditional malaysian food everyday,for example tomyam.The Art Café is all about fresh food,simply cooked. This time we have taken that philosophy off to a homely place of fine coffee and relax place to provide an inspiring setting for the stunning food ideas. Who would resist such an invitation to escape the everyday and feast on lush tropical fruit,crisp salads,barbecued seafood and tangy noodles dishes,food spiced with a splash of lime and a scattering of fragrant herbs. So relax,escape and indulge in all things luscious.


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