How did you spend your childhood?

I went to a dinner with my friends last Sunday, we talked about our childhood during we eating dessert. My friend asked me how did I spend my childhood. Most of them spent their childhood playing video games or basket ball. And the answer which shocked me the most was one of my friend spent his childhood in tuition class. His parents was very strict when he was a kid, they wanted him to be a top student and sent him to tuition class after school. So he thought his childhood was miserable.

So, I'm wonder how did people spend their childhood normally? How did you spend your childhood? Did you spend your childhood reading? Did you spend your childhood playing video games?

I spent my childhood reading and drawing. I don't really play video game even until now, I'm just not that into playing video games. Beside that I started to cook when I was 9 years
old. I think, cooking is my hobby and I'm quite enjoy it. I enjoy how my friends and family like my cooking. I baked cake for my teacher in teacher's day when I was ten. I don't remember how was it taste like but I think that cake wasn't good. Anyways, it was my first cake. When I was study in high school I always cooked for my friends during weekend. Then I went to China for study and I cooked for my friends as well, especially Yenyin and Dawson. I'm glad they like my cooking and they were good helper.

I think what you did in your childhood could effect your life. Now I have my own café and art gallery. And my friend, the one that I mentioned who had a miserable childhood. Do you know what is his doing? He own a tuition class and teaching math now. Isn't that funny?

So, how did you spend your childhood?


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